Jung von Matt SPREE

Art Direction

Pleasure is Ageless.

The situation:

In society, we rarely see older women as sexual beings. A taboo which is unpleasantly visible
when we think about our own mothers’ sexuality.

The mission:

To not only break with the taboo, but establish how a fulfilled sex life and pleasure is just as important, natural and desirable in an older age.

The film:

In a documentary experiment, we interviewed 3 daughters and their mothers.

No Actors, real mother-daughter-couples talking about their sexuality, masturbation and the taboo around female pleasure.

Director: Nicola von leffern  DoP: Tanja Häring  Music: Chuala – "Good Morning World" 
Photos: Jen Krause  Production: IT'S US Media GmbH

The film.

Before launching the film,
we teasered it on social media.

Then, we rolled out the
campaign on Amorelie's channels
when the film launched.


To finalize the campaign, we launched
deep-dive conversations with
the daughters and mothers.