Jung von Matt SPREE

Art Direction

Amorelie Advent Calendar 2021.

The advent calendar is more than just 24 doors of sex.

When a couple decides to buy the calendar, they decide to open up their relationship for new experiences.
It’s the starting point of something new.

So we use a German play on words for our campaign: Bereit für ein neues Ja? (Engl.: Ready for a new yeah?)

In the 10" and 15" TVCs we communicate the full positivity of starting something new.
And especially after over one and a half years of the pandemic, who would not be ready for a new start?

Director: Jason Yan Francis  DoP: Pat Aldinger  
Photos: Jen Krause  Production: IT'S US Media GmbH

The TVCs.

15" TVC night time (more explicit)

10" TVC day time (less explicit)